Family Matters

How to draw kids into Mass
Ask any parent of multiple preschoolers: "Suffer the little children" takes on a whole different meaning when you're trying to corral kids into church. Leslie Scanlon reports on how some parishes help weary child wranglers get their kids into Mass.

8 ways to teach your young kids about God
Having a hard time squeezing God in between school, soccer, and ballet recitals? Not to worry, say Renée M. LaReau and Anne Trick, raising little Catholics is easier than you think.

10 to-do's after "I do"
You made a great couple, and you had a terrific honeymoon. Now what? Bob Zyskowski shares these 10 tips to keep the love and the spirit in your marriage.

How to raise kids who care
You can offer service with a smile whatever your age. Christina Zaker shares ways children ought to have a hands-on experience of Christianity.

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  • At Home With Our Faith: Each month, ten times a year, Mary Lynn Hendrickson and Catherine O’Connell-Cahill pull together practical ideas, inspiration, reflections, and resources for parents who want to raise their kids with a living faith. Parents appreciate their down-to-earth approach and real-life stories. Winner of the Associated Church Press’ Best in Class Award for Newsletters in 2004 and 2005.

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Family handouts for parishes and parent groups (call 800-328-6515 to order):

  • Who is your kid’s best teacher of the faith? You are! (Item #385)
  • A parent’s 10 Commandments for passing on the faith (Item #383)
  • 14 family lessons from the Stations of the Cross (Item #384)
  • Take the plunge into Lent (Item #396)
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  • 12 ways to bring family to Mass (Item #361)
  • Eight ways that parents and parish can be partners (Item #137)
  • How to pass on the articles of faith (Item #134)
  • The good old days are now: What today’s families are doing right (Item #135)
  • Why sex is so good for your marriage (Item #105)
  • What parents might learn from Littleton (Item #129)
  • How to protect our children from sexual abuse (Item #932)
  • What is a Catholic marriage? (Item #917)

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