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Preferential option for the Pentagon?
We can't finance the War on Terror by declaring fiscal war on the poor.

Our social insecurity complex
The "reform" of the popular New Deal pension program is anything but, says Kevin Clarke in Margin Notes. The proposals currently on the table may just put us back where we started 70 years ago.

Mr. President, stop the torture!
The sickening revelations emerging from Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison offer a small glimpse of a world where torture remains accepted. In The Examined Life, torture survivor Sister Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U. calls for a formal declaration of war on torture.

Let's watch our language about gays and lesbians
Is the way the church talks about homosexuality hurtful? In Sounding Board , Father Richard Prendergast says Catholic leaders should pastor when they preach.

Let's not condemn condoms in the fight against AIDS
In the desperate battle against the ravages of HIV/AIDS in Africa, the church needs to become truly prolife by helping to prevent the spread of this deadly epidemic, says Bishop Kevin Dowling, C.Ss.R. in Sounding Board.

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