Recovering grace: Spiritual wisdom from the 12 Steps
Heidi Schlumpf explores how traditional Catholic and 12-Step spirituality are proving functionally co-dependent, moving many folks a few steps closer to God and away from Behavior that has damaged their spirits and their lives.

Is men's spirituality out of the woods?
Some guys may have spent too much time getting in touch with their inner wild man, but "men's movement" wasn't all hairy navel gazing. Now that they've learned to bang their drums slowly, Tom McGrath says men can get back to the hard work of improving their spiritualities.

Widening the circle: Women's spirituality
Harkening back to some of the earliest traditions of the Christian church, women's spirituality may finally be shedding its "New Agey" reputation. But, Heidi Schlumpf asks, can proponents of feminine spirituality remain part of the church even as they seek to reimagine how to be church.

Are you contributing to your spiritual security?
The kids are through college, the house is paid off, and the retirement funded-but have you missed something in your race through adulthood? Elizabeth Dossa says there's still plenty of time to age gracefully with a few spiritual investments in your future.

Just Do It: How practice makes Catholic
Ask Father Robert Barron how a Catholic can get to heaven. He'll tell you three things: practice, practice, practice.

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