Catholics Under 40

Elimi-dated: Why can't the church and young singles hook up?
Getting the church to be relevant to young adults can be as difficult as finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Renée M. LaReau tries to make a love connection between single Catholics and those who minister to them.

Stop talking 'bout my generation
Boomer Catholics have long held their Baltimore Catechisms over their presumedly catechetically challenged Gen X brethren. Heidi Schlumpf says the sad truth is just about all Catholics still have a lot to learn about their faith.

What Catholics under 30 are doing right
No matter what folks say about Generations X, Y, and Z, Claire Noonan finds plenty to be hopeful about in young adult Catholics.

Irreverently yours: A message from Generation X
Perceptions aside, young Catholics are hardly slackers when it comes to religion, although they have fashioned a faith and spirituality radically different from their elders. Tom Beaudoin, himself a 20-something Catholic, tells what the church can learn from the so-called Generation X.

This is not your father's religion
Are young adults and their parents reading the same gospel? Maybe not, says family life expert Kathleen Chesto, who examines why the younger generation's expectations of the church and faith seem so drastically different from those of their elders. Maybe it's time for the boomers to stop preaching and start listening.

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