Sex Abuse Crisis

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Nothing but the truth: The unfinished business of the sex-abuse crisis
Has scandal fatigue set in yet? Now's not the time to let your guard down, says Judge Anne M. Burke. In an interview with the editors the outgoing interim chair of the National Review Board explains why making churches safe for children is still a work in progress.

Whitewash or renewal?
Can the bishops be trusted to guide the U.S. church through the worst crisis of its history, or is it time for lay- people to step up for their faith? Kevin Clarke offers a progress report on how the church is dealing with the clergy sexual-abuse crisis.

Are our children safe yet?
As the chair of the bishops' National Review Board, created in response to the sexual-abuse crisis, Frank Keating has one of the hardest jobs in the nation. In an interview with Kevin Clarke, he says his board is making progress.

Broken trust, broken lives: Survivors of priest sexual abuse speak out
Their stories are hard to hear, but unfortunately true. Kevin Clarke reports on the physical and spiritual rape suffered by victims of pedophilia-and how they have been trying to put their lives back together.

How to build a healthier church
Father Donald B. Cozzens is not one to mince words when it comes to talking about the crisis of the priesthood. In an interview with Meinrad Scherer-Emunds, he explains how some good might come out of the current clerical crisis.

Let's talk-but all of us!
Desperate times call for dramatic measures. In The Examined Life, Meinrad Scherer-Emunds calls for a national synod of clergy and laity to renew the church.