Sandie & Helene with
their mother Yolanda

Sandie and Helene made a very generous donation to the Claretians/National Shrine of St. Jude in memory of their beloved mother, Yolanda. They said that their mom always taught them to help others, and to never forget to turn to St. Jude in prayer. They know their donation will allow the Claretians to continue to help those most in need throughout the world and this would make their mom very happy.

What is Planned Giving?

A planned gift is an option that helps you make a gift to the Claretians/National Shrine of St. Jude that you might not have thought was possible. Planned gifts are a valuable tool for sharing the resources you have been blessed with while enhancing your financial situation and security.

Benefits of Planned Giving

  • Help the Claretians continue to provide the gifts of God to the poor and disadvantaged
  • Provide yourself with income during your lifetime
  • Plan for retirement and family
  • Convert low-yielding investments into a source of higher revenue
  • Eliminate or avoid paying capital gains taxes
  • Reduce Federal Income taxes
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